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Choosing a Service Firm

Everyone enjoys a swim in the backyard pool or spa to relax after a hard day or to cool off on a hot one. But, not everyone who owns a pool or spa likes to do all the things necessary to keep it clean and healthy - tasks like cleaning the filter, scrubbing the tile and walls, vacuuming and raking out leaves and debris, testing and chemically treating the water for safe and comfortable swimming and making certain that all the equipment is in good working order.

However, there are professionals such as members of the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association (IPSSA) who will take care of all these things for you, and more. They are specially trained pool service technicians who provide you freedom from caring for your pool or spa while they do all the work. How much service is needed and how often depends on several factors, such as how much your pool is used, and the nearby environmental conditions (trees and other plant debris that end up in the pool, winds, storms and seasonal temperatures).

To draw a sharp distinction between the knowledge and skill required of these professionals versus a neighborhood kid you hire to throw in some chemicals now and then, IPSSA members must be licensed and certified (as required in their particular state or county).

In addition, IPSSA members maintain liability insurance and cover each other’s routes when a member is ill. They also receive continuous education through their monthly meetings where guest speakers discuss various aspects of the pool service business Each year, IPSSA sponsors the Western Pool & Spa Show (Los Angeles) and Pool Industry Expo (San Jose) where attendees learn the latest in pool technology through the dozens of hours of technical and educational seminars offered.

When you hire an IPSSA member, you will receive regular chemical water treatment, pool and spa vacuuming and equipment maintenance. Some specialize in repair work and can fix pumps, motors, filters and heaters. Others do tile and plaster repairs, acid washes and painting.
IPSSA currently has over 3,000 members throughout California and in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada and San Antonio, Texas.

WaterWatcher Program originally established by the San Diego Chapter
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